I lead Artisan Consulting as a Salesforce Consulting Partner. I combine commercial acuity with technical insights to deliver superior Salesforce solutions for local and global companies that improve and accelerate the quality of their customer relationships across marketing, sales and service functions. 

For more than three decades, across a range of sectors and industries, I have 'broken the mould' of the IT consultant by enthusiastically and proactively delivering initiatives that blend today’s digital technologies with traditional business needs of productivity, growth and profitability.

Using my experience and talent, I make complex processes and software development production simpler, smarter, faster and cheaper; transforming obstacles into opportunities; engineering enlightened solutions.

I always think of ways to serve the entire organisation and its customers. I understand business, so I make numbers make sense to the non-numbers person; I make the technical strategy make sense to the technology gurus; I make potential technical obstacles resonate with the executive teams, and so on. With understanding and buy-in, initiatives can successfully support growth, greater efficiencies, more dynamic teams and boosted brand awareness. Seeing the results of a new idea ripple through an organisation is very satisfying and through those successes all stakeholders benefit.

I deliver measurable and endurable digital results with agility.

My consulting performance is exemplified by attributes that include intelligence, vision, creativity, pragmatism, passion, tenacity, communication, flexibility, experience and poise. Excited by the next big challenge, I am ready to bring my global expertise to forward-thinking companies which understand and value a consultant who can drive momentum across customer, product, service and vision.