Cloud computing integrated with on-premise computing – good blend or bad mongrel?

The evidence of successful cross-breeding is ending up with a blend better than either starting point.  

Get the mix wrong however and you end up with a mongrel.  And whilst mongrels can be loveable and bark as well as a pure breed, they almost never form a good foundation for future generations.

I see this challenge arise in enterprise computing when an organisation ends up with a leg in both cloud computing and traditional on-premise computing, then embarks on a transformation program to bring the two together.  

Traditionally IT departments prefer to stay pure bred (on-premise and under-control) but are forced into cloud computing when business units deploy software-as-a-service which eventually ends up requiring integration.  

The starting point is two pure bred environments which end up being “crossed” – like in the cloud and SAP on-premise.  

The challenge is to take the best of both to create a perfect blend, without ending up with a regrettable mongrel!

Cross breed or mongrel


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