Changing Responsibilities of Fatherhood in the Digital Age

My 10 year old son is an elite Minecraft player who leads a faction made up of players from around the world.

Only 10 years old but already a digital leader in his own domain.

Imagine the sense of honour then when he recently conscripted me to solve a dilemma caused by going to school camp for a week without any access to Minecraft to keep the empire stable.

“Dad I know you are only a newb, but can you please log into Minecraft every second day and collect my overlord kit”?

What an expression of trust in the digital age!

Not something he could let any of his mates do. So Dad to the rescue!

I’m not sure I am really like being called a newb given the likely derogatory overtones.

On the other hand he has let me join his faction and has introduced me to some of his online friends, I sense even a slight sense of pride his Dad knows how to get that far.

Twenty years ago the request might have been to feed his pet mouse.

In 2014 the request involves a digital empire in Minecraft.

The world has sure changed!


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