Do Your Customers Love You?

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There is a strong relationship between how much your customers love you and your Net Promoter Score™ (NPS) as this is a mechanism to measure the levels of your customers' satisfaction.  

Only "Promoters" contribute to a positive NPS so if you want to lift your NPS score, find out how to get customers to love you!

Some facts to think about:

  • Totally satisfied customers are six times more likely to repurchase during the next 18 months than satisfied customers;
  • In 2005 Bain & Company surveyed 362 firms and found that 80 percent believed they delivered "superior experience" to their customers. When they asked customers from these companies about their own perceptions, only 8 percent of companies were rated as delivering a superior experience.  So you can't assume your products delight your customers, you have to ask them;
  • Positive customer experiences increase your odds of loyalty, category penetration and revenue growth per customer;
  • Negative customer experiences create dissatisfied clients who look elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

When architecting/designing technology solutions, ask the question whether your solution so completely meets your customer's need that they will be totally satisfied.  Just making sure "it works" is not enough.  Customers have to love what you deliver before they will become promoters and lift your NPS.  

Customer centricity is not just about placing about customers at the centre of your organisation's thinking, it is about totally satisfying their needs in a way which causes delight.

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