My Apple’s gone bad!

I used to carry a really great apple – nice to look at and every bite was truly enjoyable.  Much better than the type of fruit I used to take to work.  My friends without apples were jealous every time I took mine out.  

But things have changed for the worse.

Rotten Apple

The philosophy of the apple grower appears to have to shifted from “better by design” to “bad by design”.  Maybe they believe if my apple goes bad quickly I will upgrade to a new type of apple which I am told will taste much better.  But my trust in the apple grower has taken such a beating over the last year I am reticent to upgrade.  After all perhaps the new apple will go bad just as quickly as the one I have now – which had stayed in top condition until the grower decided to tamper with its shelf life.

The real shame is the rot is coming from deep inside my apple and not from the external environment.  Even when it looks nice superficially one bite reveals the disease just under the surface.

Maybe the time has come for a change and I need to start taking another type of fruit to work.  I’m not familiar with the types of fruit my friends are eating, but they sure seem much happier with the taste than I do!

If your apple has gone bad too please share / re-tweet / like and perhaps the grower will pay attention…

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