Prior Projects

PRINTSF.COM, CA, USA, Chief Technology Officer 10/2007–8/2009

Transformed outdated legacy system devoid of CRM integration into a contemporary web-based solution incorporating customer data into print and email media, and seamless links to leading CRM program.

SNAPSHOT: Report to: Chief Executive Officer. Direct Reports: Up to 6 at project peak. Employer: Early stage, Internet-based service providing corporate customers with dynamic, on-demand, tailored direct marketing materials that meet specific customer demographic criteria, integrated with CRM. Prior relationship with the Chief Executive Officer in an earlier project, prompted approach to act as the Chief Technology Officer for this innovative start-up.

Role: Evolving over 18 months, aimed to initially revitalise a stale legacy website suffering from ad hoc amendments and old technologies, and position it to drive increased print business to a new acquisition. As time progressed, a turnaround in business decision-making prompted a new model and new directions for the business to act as a print broker—challenging existing project deliverables and requiring a different approach to system functionality.

Decision-making: Immediate Impact and Enduring Contributions

  • Immediately formed multi-disciplined team in both the USA and NZ with the critical skills to drive the project forward. Hired XMPIE specialists, a solution architect and senior developer with extensive CRM background.
  • Jumpstarted the first strategic approach to website management in many years. Located source code to neglected site and leveraged the knowledge of a remaining staff member relating to document coding, versioning, patches and workarounds.
  • Steered essential agile and iterative changes following the establishment of the website’s architectural foundation. Daily build processes ensured new site versions were accessible for review, with production-ready versions developed consistently every three weeks for 18 months.
  • Enriched personal knowledge of integration partner, by becoming certified as a consultant and administrator of the company’s customer relationship management systems.
  • Adapted to declining capital supplies, slower than expected customer uptake, and the declining economic climate through a strategic approach to belt-tightening and careful resource allocations.
  • Leveraged code generation techniques and exploited the capabilities of test-driven design—initiatives that provided daily site rebuilds, quick administration and automated testing that resolved instabilities.
  • Introduced software-as-a-service model that allowed business clients to enjoy a low entry price, trial service at minimal cost and no risk, and avoid the high costs of software, server leasing and administrators.
  • Generated win-win solution by integrating PrintSf with’s customer relationship management database. Users of’s services were provided with a unique opportunity to produce personalised marketing campaigns on the fly through a seamless back-end print and mail processing.

STEWART REALTY SOLUTIONS, CA, USA    5/2004–6/2005 Director of Software Engineering

Increased team by 230% in 18 months and evolved newly acquired product to meet new deliverables for greater revenue growth.

SNAPSHOT: Company: Subsidiary of Stewart Title, a leading provider of title insurance and services to the real estate and mortgage industries. Reported to: VP of Technology, Stewart Realty Solutions. Direct Reports: 5 (Managers of Development, Projects, Testing, User Experiences and Infrastructure). Product: SureClose: an electronic real estate transaction system designed to streamline the documentation surrounding real estate purchases through real-time document exchange and collaboration tools. In mid 2008 SureClose held 3.9 million encrypted real estate transactions representing 50 million digital documents. Adapting to significant cultural change became the immediate imperative following Stewart Realty Solutions’ acquisition of the SureClose product from RealtyAssist. Transitioning from a small, agile entrepreneurial team to a multinational prompted the need to double the team size and introduce new SOX compliant development processes. Immediately recruited additional team members in New Zealand and California, kick-started training, and adjusted internal operations to ensure compliance. Business and Technical Footprint:

  • Despite a turbulent period of change post acquisition, increased team numbers by 230% in 18 months. Against a company norm of high staff turnover, lost just one employee by illustrating a definitive future vision, building team reliance through counterpart exchanges between US and New Zealand, and providing training in current technologies and improved processes.
  • Met all key deliverables for evolving SureClose to meet business requirements. Adapted to the new focus for adding new features for each successive release aimed at customer acquisition from new markets.
  • Sustained system performances despite an eight-fold increase in system load in just two years as product complexity increased. Maintained robust system through strategy to increase hardware capacity, monitor performance, and continually tune application software.
  • Built compelling business case for steady transition to .NET technology, advocating the benefits of re-engineering compared to parallel system development and transfer.

REALTYASSIST.COM, CA, USA    3/2003–5/2004 Director of Software Engineering Company: Early stage technology company operating in the real-estate space. Reported to: Chief Executive Officer. Direct Reports: Software Developer and ICT Manager (US-based). Product: SureClose Continued to develop the SureClose system following purchase from TransactIQ. Despite limited resources, re-aligned the product to meet RealtyAssist’s business plan to create a technology solution that would become indispensable to large enterprise operations in the real estate sector. Presided over technical strategy, architecture, and buy/build decision making for technology components, and later, upon interest from Stewart Title, contributed to acquisition discussions, due diligence and planning for handover. Significant Contributions:

  • Optimised system performance and stability throughout a period of significant growth where the SureClose system expanded to accommodate a 2900% increase in users and increased service expectations. Led solution decision making including hardware selection and hosting by top-grade data centre in San Diego.
  • Project managed planning and logistics surrounding pre- and post-acquisition relocation of the production system from San Diego to larger facilities in Los Angeles and Dallas.
  • Adapted product to meet VIP customer needs accounting for 90% of system load and NZ$2M in annual revenues. Through new features and customisation, 50,000 transactions managed online in 2003 grew to become one million transactions within a year.

GLOBETRAK.COM, WA, USA    9/2001–12/2002 Chief Technologist Reported to: Chief Executive Officer. Direct Report: Software Developer. Product: Internet-enabled SaaS solution for vehicle tracking, asset/fleet management and supply chain integrity. Delivered groundbreaking enterprise-grade web application for tracking vehicles and freight across the USA. With insufficient cell phone coverage outside urban areas and lack of power sources to track unhooked truck trailers, the solution called for innovation. The result: a technical breakthrough for the transportation industry—a web-based solution that tracked truck trailers equipped with solar panels for power and transmitted data via satellite.

  • Conducted presentation to BP executives on value-added feature of powering down a petrol tanker safely via a PDA “shut down” command transmitted via the cellular network. Initiative was seen as an innovative method for preventing tankers being used as a potential weapon post 9/11 terrorist attacks and stimulated significant interest.
  • Overcame inadequacies in the cellular network to design system for tracking trucks via solar-powered satellite transceivers. Selected satellite vendor and equipment supplier and integrated equipment within the web solution focusing on compression technology to avoid costly and unnecessary data transmission.
  • Delivered a working solution to track trailer freight. Selected small device for covert installation that could transmit location for three weeks. System was later used successfully in the apprehension of criminals involved in freight fraud.
  • Generated one of the most comprehensive implementations of geo-fencing used extensively by customers to define areas where a mobile asset should/should not venture.

TRANSACTIQ.COM, WA, USA    2/2000–9/2001 Chief Technology Officer Reported to: Chief Executive Officer. Direct Report: Software Developer. Product: SureClose. Co-founded and launched technology start-up, serving dual roles as a key member of the management team working with investors, industry bodies and charter customers, and assuming control of technology innovation and product development.

  • Gained distinction as one of just 16 companies chosen to present to the Seattle Ventures Forum to raise investment finance, closing deal for US$1.25M in just five days.
  • Identified business opportunity in the US financial services and real estate industries that evolved into the product called SureClose. Established the first team to develop and deploy the product that went on to become a significant product generating US$20M across eight years.

Prior Engagements

  • Solution Architect/Senior Developer., WA, USA. Technology start-up specialising in the development of an SaaS web application to aggregate real estate listing information. Developed integration modules to import public records, as well as a meta-driven search engine to support fast, dynamic queries.
  • Technical Development Manager, Audit Division, Deloitte, London, UK. Managed technology team within the UK Audit operation throughout a period of substantial change that witnessed the origin of transitioning from paper-based to tailored and automated systems. Analysed business processes for automation opportunities, designed and implemented platform nationally, and contributed to the international technology strategy. Following merger between Deloitte and Touche Ross, unified technology platforms as part of a broader international project, with work sites including Amsterdam, Princeton New Jersey, and the UK.
  • Senior Developer/Project Leader, Paxus, Brisbane, Australia and London UK. Led projects, providing specialist input in the areas of analysis and development for this large, multinational IT company.
  • Software Developer, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, New Zealand.