What sort of fish are you?

imageThere is more than one way to catch a feed – or start a new business.

Consider the salmon swimming upstream driven by an internal compulsion to explore around the next bend and up above the next waterfall.

How different from the trout lurking in the eddy behind a rock mid-stream waiting for something edible to swim by.  Less adventurous but no less effective.

Or the cod swimming along the bottom seeking the dregs which might have settled from someone's dinner consumed at higher levels.

Or the moray eel hidden in a hole waiting for something to swim by.  Even more energy efficient than the trout.

How do you see yourself?

For me the salmon is the fish which most resonates with my life as an entrepreneur.  A wise person once asked me whether I'd still swim upstream if I knew there was a bear waiting around the corner.  The honest answer is I just cannot swim in that direction.  The bear doesn't stand a chance to catch every salmon and success is just around the corner.  The first time you will see me heading the other way I'll be fully expended, upside down and going out with the tide.  I just have to swim upstream and find the pool I see in my dreams.

But I recognize each has a role to play and each can be successful. Just as there are many different kinds of entrepreneurs.

Make sure your team is comprised of species who share the same viewpoint about risk and reward!

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