Who makes the best entrepreneur for start-ups? A composer, conductor or lead musician?

Conductor‚ÄčMy favourite entrepreneurs are people who start with a blank sheet and pursue a vision until it becomes a reality.  Music composition ranges from 15 second advertising jingles to orchestral pieces with several movements.  Entrepreneurs who get my attention create something of substance capable to capture an audience’s imagination and transport them to a different place.  A vision capable deliver a transformation.

The challenge with startups is in the beginning team is small and the entrepreneur usually needs to play more than one part.  Not only must they hold the vision, they also need to orchestrate the team effort as well as play some of the instruments.

Occasionally an entrepreneur can conduct the performance well past startup phase but if the orchestra is of any significant size, that requires a combination of skills which is rare.  Better for most entrepreneurs to stay custodian of the vision and let someone else get the most from the team.

Being a lead musician takes skill and continued effort to stay sharp.  A wise entrepreneur understands they don’t have the skills to play all the instruments to perfection.  Best to hire players who excel in their particular discipline.

As I reflect on where DoWhat.com is going I see my most important role as the composer.  I can see a future where location based marketing makes precise deliveries of relevant offers to the right people at the right place at the right time.  The DoWhat composition is only partly completed so far and there are more movements under construction.  Perhaps I can conduct as well as compose for a while, but my ultimate passion is to see the orchestra perform to its ultimate capability.  Who conducts is not that important.  And whilst I know enough to keep the musicians honest I cannot afford the time to be a lead musician as well.


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